Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Spring South Sound United League tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 10 Division 3 Blue 5 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Maple Valley Soccer Association
MpVSA Pachciarz B09 - BU10
n/a   Ryan Pachciarz
 A2 Southlake
Southlake Rec B09 Perman
n/a   Chad Perman
 A3 Kent Covington Youth Soccer
KCYS B09 Foerster
n/a   Jeffrey Foerster
 A4 Kent Covington Youth Soccer
KCYS B09 Roxas
n/a   Darren Roxas
 A5 Southlake
Southlake Rec B09 Kilambi
n/a   Rajive Kilambi

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